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Burton Danet
May 21, 2010

Brenda Danet Excellence Scholarship

The Brenda Danet Excellence Scholarship



for all who care.


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"Commemmoration Event In Honor of

Professor Brenda Danet"

Dr. Flora Jersonsky-Margalit, present at the event, offers her account of what she witnessed.


NOTE: The English translation graciously provided by Pickpook of an outstanding article is found here:


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"In Loving Memory: Ode from the Heart to Brenda"


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LANGUAGE, PLAY AND PERFORMANCE: Commemorative Panel in Honor of the Late Professor Brenda Danet
Oren Golan, Susan C. Herring, Asta Zelenkauskaite, Carmel L. Vaisman, Lori Kendall

CLICK! for "A Collection of Blessings for Peace, Healing & Comfort" Courtesy Pat/YUBUPA (Thank you!). Pat/YUBUPA contributes all videos for ABC4All, but clearly the videos she created on behalf of Brenda's Memory are outstanding.

Blessings are frequently used to help in coping when people are facing challenging times.

Go to the account of the Memorial Event for Professor Brenda Danet held at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel on Monday, December 29, 2008. Much appreciation to Dr. Oren Golan and associates for coordinating and making this event possible and to all those present who shared their personal and professional awarenesses of Brenda. --Burt Danet (brother).


Hello to Everyone Present at the Memorial Event at

Hebrew University, Jerusalem

December 29, 2008:


This is Burt Danet.  I want to take this opportunity to thank everybody who has gathered here today, 12/29/2008, to commemorate the memory of Brenda Lee Danet.  Deep gratitude especially to all those who made this event happen.  


Many of you know her as Dr. Brenda Danet or Professor Brenda Danet.  I know her as Brenda. 


She was my sister, 2 years older.  Some days after her passing, it became possible for me to put in words what I termed, “Ode From the Heart to Brenda” as a means to describe a little bit some aspects of a long-term relationship when a brother and sister grow up together. 


It’s hard to know what will make it possible to come to terms with the passing of a sister, but one thing has become very clear in the few weeks since Brenda’s leaving us.  This daughter, sister, woman, wife, student, friend, sociologist, teacher, researcher, innovator, entertainer, gourmet cook, accomplished classical pianist, author, educator was, above all, someone who perhaps unknowingly made a very remarkable impact on many, many people across the world. 


Thank you all for sharing your views and memories of Brenda as every one of you who have done so help a brother and other family members put into perspective just what the life of Brenda Danet means and has meant for all of us and, obviously, for untold others.



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